Submission Guidelines

What is Grub Street Grackle looking for?

Printed matter:

  • Fiction containing all or most of the following characteristics:
    • adventuresome action
    • reflection treated as action
    • ironic treatment of hackneyed tropes
    • earnest treatment of irony
  • Poetry containing all or most of the following characteristics :
    • discernible but lightly executed prosody
    • dramatic voice
    • image-driven
    • cogency
    • (please see the expanded guidelines before submitting poetry)
  • Satire:
    • contains actual funny jokes
    • apolitical (i.e. not engaged in the “sport of politics”)
    • political (i.e., concerned with problems of common life)

Does Grub Street Grackle pay contributors?

Yes, we can pay a little, upon acceptance: somewhere between $30 and $50 for most contributions in all categories.

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • upload one and only one submission during this reading period (April 18-June 16, 2016). Your entire submission must be in one document file
  • We will respond by June 30 for this reading period.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please let us know promptly if the piece(s) you have submitted are published elsewhere.
  • We mostly publish work that has not been published before. If it’s appeared on a personal website or other niche market, you may still submit it, but please disclose the fact. Previously published work may be subject to reduced compensation.


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